Factors That Affect And Control Global Oil Price

Oil and gas offshore prices are not on the verge of decrease any time soon, unless plans to do so have been put in place. This is because there are many factors

Factors That Affect Oil Exploration And Oil Market

Oil is said to be one of the commodities on high demand in the modern world. This is attested to the fact that most things and machines are run using oil. At

Marine Forecast Via National Weather Service

Marine forecast is meant to help you understand the weather of the water body such as lake, sea, ocean or that you might want to have safe boating. This is attested to

Start New Career With Offshore Engineering

There are many areas that involve engineering.  This explains the reason why there are many engineers in the world. There is one kind of engineering that has not received much hype like

Offshore Drilling : Oil And Gas Industry

Oil gas offshore is with no doubt a source of oil that has not been identified. This is because most oil companies and explorers concentrate on onshore oil gas. It has been

Onshore And Offshore Weather Forecast

Weather is important in the life of a modern person. This is because it will help understand how the day will be like and make sound decisions on what to wear, what

Oil And Gas Exploration

Offshore oil and gas exploration is with no doubt one of the latest trends to hit the oil market. This is because this exploration is used as a way in which oil

Task Of Offshore Marine Service In Oil Industry

Offshore marine has become the prime target for most oil companies in the world. This is because oil researchers and ocean physicians have established that it is one place that has a

Offshore Marine Academy Training For Offshore Oil Drilling

Offshore oil drilling is one of the many activities that are being undertaken by governments and other oil companies in the world to ensure that there is supply of oil in all

Fully Utilize Offshore Wind As Energy Source

Wind is an important part of weather and in the world at large. This is because there are many functions of wind in the modern world, only if it is utilized in

Offshore Drilling And Engineering Task

Offshore drilling is a combination of marine, civil and mechanical engineering disciplines where people deal with designing, analysis and construction of structures in the marine world or environment. The engineers are tasked

Undiscovered Oil And Natural Gas Source Under Sea-beds

Oil is used in various ways in the modern world.  This is because almost all the machines use oil in one way or another to operate. This explains why oil is ever

New Development Of Offshore Oil And Gas Project By US Government

Keeping fuel costs in check is the desire that most governments wish to have full authority. This is because fuel prices have hit a high note and they are poised to increase

A Modern Power Alternative

Solar technology has advanced leaps and bounds in the past decade and now today it has reached the pinnacle of its long career.  Solar panels are now available to be implemented as